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Building Intelligent Interactive Tutors: Adult trainee-centered strategies for lifelong e-learning.


The course can be held in Foligno or in Perugia, depending on the availability of the ICT lab.


5 days from Monday to Friday, with arrival on Sunday and departure the next Saturday


The full course costs € 250/person, for a min. of 5 and a max. of 12 participants.
This fee does not include coffee breaks and cultural visits.



  • Irene Morici / Head ofErasmus+ Mobility department at EGInA Srls


DAY 1 – Monday

  • 9.00/10.15 – Presentation of EGInA
    Some examples of EU projects based on eLearning, European Policies on Open Education, Telecentre Multimedia Academy and CISCO Networking academies
  • 10.15/10.45 – Coffee Break
  • 10.45/13.00 – Let’s start
    Introduction to Moodle and to the course. Roles and general structure. Teaching with Moodle support: pure e-learning vs blended e-learning.
    Course management preliminaries: course format and general settings. Basic Activities and resources (pages, web pages, label, files).

DAY 2 – Tuesday

  • 9.00/10.15 – Interacting with your students
    Interactive activities: Discussion Forum, Chat and Assignments. Multimedia and data repositories.
  • 10.15/10.45 – Coffee Break
  • 10.45/13.00 – Interacting with your students
    Advanced course management: protect/limit/open user access, monitoring participant activities, assigning roles. User profiles, blogs and messages
DAY 3 – Wednesday
  • 9.00/10.15 – Yes or no this is the question
    Assessment in Moodle activities. Test and Quiz management. Question types and weighted assessments strategies. Question repositories and topic categories. Importing and exporting: questions. Randomized questions by category classes. Question feedback and self-assessment.
    Multimedia questions.
  • 10.15/10.45 – Coffee Break
  • 10.45/13.00 – Yes or no this is the question
    Case Studied: Mass Quizzes on introduction to ECDL at the Department of Literature and Philosophy; self-assessment and post exam assessment automated tests at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

DAY 4 – Thursday

  • 9.00/10.15 – Do it yourself or not?
    Advanced course management: backup, restore and inter/intra-platform transfer of courses, Cooperative learning: groups and wikies.
  • 10.15/10.45 – Coffee Break
  • 0.45/13.00 – Do it yourself or not?
    Acquiring data from user filled forms for interviews, advanced polls and post-course evaluations.
    Designing a form, managing form data.

DAY 5 – Friday

  • 9.00/12.00 – Technical visit
    Technical visit of the LABEL (LABoratory for ELearning) the eLearning and multimedia center at the University of Perugia
  • 12.00/13.00 – Closure
    Final evaluation of the course