Mobility: Spanish students spend 3 months in Foligno

From 19 March to 18 June, seven students from Mancomunidad Contado in Spain joined the Erasmus+ programme that gave them valuable practical experience. The internship covered areas such as cooking and gastronomy, as well as the use and conservation of the natural environment. The students were placed with companies such as Cavaliere, Botanico, Me Te Magno and Ortoingiro/Vivai Benedetti.



The cookery and gastronomy students worked at Cavaliere, Botanico and Me Te Magno. These restaurants are very popular in Foligno. They took part in various culinary tasks, including food preparation, cooking and plate setting. They also learned about menu planning, kitchen management and food safety standards. This experience enabled them to sharpen their culinary skills, understand the importance of quality and presentation in gastronomy.


Students focusing on the use and conservation of the natural environment were placed at the Botanico and the Vivai Benedetti. They engaged in activities such as maintaining natural habitats, managing plant life and promoting sustainable practices. Their work included preserving natural habitats to promote biodiversity. The students also made sure that a variety of species grew healthily. This experience has enabled them to develop a thorough understanding of environmental conservation and sustainable management practices.


The mobility programme enabled these seven students to acquire practical skills and professional knowledge in their respective fields. They improved their technical skills, gained real-world experience and developed a greater appreciation of their profession.


Ph credit: Mancomunidad Contado https://www.mancondado.com/export/sites/mancondado/es/.galleries/imagenes-estructura/Fachada-Mancomunidad-Condado-de-Huelva.jpg



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