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KA1 internship

This March two students from Belgium went to Italy for a sewing and tailoring internship. They both study Stylist and Sewing at the “Centre d’Enseignement Libre” in Liège and EGInA supported them with the organization of the internship. From 03/03/2023 to 31/03/2023 they are working at “Preziosa Veste“ in Foligno to gather experiences for their field of studies.  

Erasmus+ KA1 school exchange

Within “LONG TERM MOBILITY OF PUPILS“ three girls from Italy got the chance to spend some months at a high school in Granada, Spain, I.E.S. Luis Bueno Crespo. The vocational high school I.E.S. Luis Bueno Crespo is welcoming students from different countries every year thanks to their ERASMUS+ KA1 – school accreditation. This year Silvia, Giulia and Alessandra got the chance to gather experiences abroad and started their journey in January. Silvia, who studies 

Barista training course

From 22-28 January 2023 a course about the art of making coffee took place in Foligno and other places of interest in Umbria. Four teachers from Kadiköy Abdülhamid Han Vocational And Technical Anatolian High School from Efeler Aydın, Turkey had the chance to learn about Italian coffee and bar trends in Umbria. The course started with an introduction about the cultivation of coffee and historical facts. During the next days versions of processing methods 

Content marketing for tourism

From 22-28 January 2023 four teachers from Kadiköy Abdülhamid Han Vocational And Technical Anatolian High School from Efeler Aydın, Turkey participated in an advanced training course in Foligno in the field of marketing. After a general introduction about marketing, the course focused on marketing mix elements, customer oriented approaches and other current approaches. Taking advantage of real cases and technical visits, communication experts from EGInA presented good practices in green marketing, guerrilla marketing, databased 

Italian students goes to Budapest

From January 2023, 5 students from 3 Umbrian Schools (Italy) will spend 6 months abroad at the Avicenna International College, based in Budapest. Within the “Consorzio & Natura” accreditation, promoted by the High School “Einaudi-Ciuffelli”, based in Todi, learners had the opportunity to apply for a school experience abroad. The schools involved are: High School “Jacopone da Todi”; High Schools “Salvatorelli Moneta”; Boarding School Education in National Assisi. The “Consorzio & Natura” is a 

Successful for the latest Blended Course organised in Italy

During the week of December 12-16, 2022, took place in Foligno a course on project writing in preparation for the Key Action 2 calls of the Erasmus+ programme. The 12 participants, from Belgium, Greece, Malta, and Italy, came from different backgrounds (education experts, university researchers, digital experts, social activists, and urban planning experts) but had in common a great desire to develop their own project, starting with ideas developed within their respective professional experience. 

Erasmus KA1 Mobility: The experience of Mehdiye from Turkey

The experience of Mehdiye from Turkey TESTIMONIALS Mehdiye, from “Istanbul Aydin University“ (Turkey) She spent 4 months at EGInA Srl, from August to November 2022, in the field of Graphic Design and Digital Clothing. She supported CrHacklab Foligno 4D and EGInA in the development and creation of digital tailoring. She participated in the online training course on how to use " Blender". It is a 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated 

Erasmus KA1 Mobility: The experience of Lyubena from Bulgaria

The experience of Lyubena from Bulgaria TESTIMONIALS Lyubena, from “New Bulgarian University“ (Bulgaria). She spent 5 months at EGInA Srl, from July to November 2022, in the field of Graphic Design. She supported EGInA in the development and creation of the projects' logos and graphics materials. She realised and presented the official EDIFY_EDU Project's logo, during the kick-off meeting online in Ireland, with all the other partners.

ERASMUS+ KA1 in Italy, Course Dante & Friends

From 28.11. to 10.12.2022, EGInA is organizing the course Dante & Friends, which is provided by CrHack Lab. The course is attended by 10 Hungarian students and 2 teachers from Szent Gellért Katolikus Általános Iskola és Gimnázium school. Dante & Friends is a Crash Course on Digital Reality and Educational Activities in Museums divided in two modules that introduces the fundamental concepts and practices of the creation and promotion of digital cultural heritage. The workshop 

Hungarian students on Erasmus Internship in EGInA

In EGInA central office we are lucky right now to have the chance to host in our office the group of eight students from Hungary. Four students of administrative came from institution Budapesti Gazdasági SZC Hunfalvy János Két Tanítási Nyelvű Közgazdasági Technikum and are staying with us from 24.10. to 20.11.2022. From 04.11. to 25.11.2022 we are hosting the other four students, who came from the institution META – Don Bosco Technikum és Szakgimnázium,