Mobility: Spanish students immersed in Foligno

From 17 March to 18 June, nine students from the schools Sopeña and La Salle in Seville, Spain, took part in a comprehensive mobility programme. The programme covered a range of sectors, including IT, administrative work, electricity, sales and hairdressing. It gave these students invaluable practical experience in their respective fields.


Students in the IT sector worked on systems maintenance. They ensured that computer systems and networks functioned efficiently. They also provided technical assistance, resolving hardware and software problems. This experience has enabled them to improve their technical skills and problem-solving abilities. 


Sales students were involved in customer service and sales operations. They interacted with customers, met their needs and managed sales transactions and stock, developing their customer service skills and understanding of sales processes.


The administration students focused on office and document management. They dealt with day-to-day administrative tasks and organised and stored important documents, gaining a deeper understanding of office operations and administrative processes.


Electrical students have gained experience in the installation and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. They have learned and applied safety standards and procedures, making sure that their work conforms to industry safety protocols.


Hairdressing students focused on providing haircuts, styling and other hair care services. They improved their communication and customer service skills by regularly interacting with customers. They gained confidence in their ability to provide professional hair care services.


The mobility programme enabled these nine students to acquire practical skills and professional knowledge. It improved their technical and practical skills in their respective fields. The internship exposed them to real working environments and helped them understand industry standards. 


Ph credit: Sopeña,  https://www.sopenasevilla.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/centro-san-pablo.jpg

La Salle, https://formacionalua.es/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/LA-SALLE-SEVILLA-PRINCIPAL.webp

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