EGInA Srl is a private training agency and consultancy body providing educational and intermediary services in the field of EU transnational mobility of VET students and trainers, school teachers and adult learners' educators...

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400 students placed in companies and no-profit every year
Students and learners from over 18 EU Countries
150 hosting bodies from different private and public sectors


If you are interested in submitting a Erasmus+ KA1 project proposal, we support you in preparing and submitting the application to your National Agency. We have developed a set of guidelines for the preparation of the KA1 e-forms, which we provide with no additional fees. All the activities and services are fully covered by the Erasmus+ grant if the project is approved.


We receive international students, teachers and staff during the whole year. Courses are offered in four different editions and with different formats. Each course is structured so that it is possible to attend the basic level (20 hours in 6 days) or the advanced level (40 hours in 12 days). Courses are usually organized in March, June, September and November.


EGInA is a training agency accredited at the Umbria Region for the provision of initial, continuous and permanent vocational training. We certify every mobility experience with the release of Europass Mobility and we try to facilitate the adoption of ECVET quality assurance tools where this is possible.


Jose Antonio from Spain

Trabajar con personas de otro país enriquece mi currículum.

VET student from Spain in the field of Energy


VET student from Spain in the field of Energy

Trabajar con personas de otro país enriquece mi currículum.

Tomas’s Interview

VET Student from Greece


VET Student from Greece

Matti Laiho-Murdoch

This work has enlightened a carreer path in graphic and web design!

HE Student from the United Kingdom


HE Student from the United Kingdom

This work has enlightened a carreer path in graphic and web design!


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Hellenic Agriculture Organization – Vocational Dairy School of Ioannina, Greece : 39.663523, 20.812168
1st EPAL Metsovou Greece: 39.772714, 21.173859
1o Ergastiriako Kentro Karditsas : 39.364708, 21.902162
1o Ergastiriako Kentro Karditsas : 39.364708, 21.902162
INSIGNARE - Associacao de Ensino e Formacao, Portugal: 38.685510, -9.052734
EPRM - Escola Profissional de Rio Maior, Portugal : 39.343356, -8.934480
CC ITALIA - Camera di Commercio Italiana per il Portogallo, Portugal : 38.736676, -9.150927
CENFIM Amarante, Portugal : 41.269310, -8.097548
EPRALIMA - Escola Profissional do Alto Lima: 41.848159, -8.424271
Escola de Moda Gudi, Portugal : 41.149499, -8.605391
Stredná odborná škola stavebna, Slovakia : 49.083379, 19.614841
Rīgas Mākslas un mediju tehnikums– RMMT : 56.952738, 23.999686
Colegiul Tehnic “Latcu Voda” Siret, Romania  : 47.949723, 26.061846
I.E.S. Juan Bosco Alcazar de San Juan, Spain : 39.391911, -3.225731
Camera di Commercio e Industria Italiana per la Spagna (CCIS), Spain : 40.442756, -3.697736
I.E.S. Sanje, Spain: 37.975871, -1.232573
La Marxadella, Torrente, Spain: 39.425954, -0.477261
I.E.S. Arabista Ribera, Carcaixent, Spain: 39.124637, -0.438689
CIPFP Vicente Blasco Ibañez , Spain: 39.463635, -0.370487
IES Tirant Lo Blanc, Gandia, Spain: 38.978897, -0.182709
Colegio SFJ La Salle- Virlecha, Spain: 37.038330, -4.562667
1st EPAL of Paramithia, Greece : 39.466601, 20.503567
Thomas More - Belgium: 51.026035, 4.453701
Bursa Provincial Directorate of Social Security: 40.194755, 29.057516
CEIP FOGAR - Spain: 43.219063, -8.684124
ASPRONA - Spain: 38.992709, -1.862995
1st EPAL of Paramythia - Greece: 39.466601, 20.503567
1st EPAL of Paramythia - Greece: 39.466601, 20.503567


At EGInA, we are committed to continuous improvement of the services provided and performance. We strive to improve the quality, relevance and accessibility of Erasmus+ transnational mobility projects, providing tailor made services and training to VET learners, staff and adults.
For these reasons, we are currently involved in the implementation of different Erasmus+ KA2 projects to innovate and improve the quality of transnational VET mobility using quality standards and frameworks.


Association of Quality Intermediary Organizations Fostering Mobility in Europe

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Simplifying the Evidencing Process for Learning Outcomes

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European Knowledge Center for Mobility

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Skilled Cook and Waiter Network

A Facebook page for high-quality transnational mobilities in the catering sector

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European IVT Recognition Gateway

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