Mobility: 2 students from the Riga School of Art and Media gain valuable experience in graphic design

From 11 October 2023 to 8 June 2024, two students from the Riga School of Art and Media in Latvia are taking part in an intensive graphic design internship. This opportunity will give them valuable practical experience, improve their skills and prepare them for a career in this field.


Edgars is a trainee at CRHACK LAB F4D, where he focuses on creating eye-catching promotional material such as posters and leaflets, designing professional certificates, creating attractive presentations, developing large-scale visual content through banners and producing reusable design templates.


Audris is an intern at EGInA and focuses on designing unique brand logos, creating informative brochures, developing social media layout, designing promotional posters and creating eye-catching roll-up banners.


Throughout the internship, Edgars and Audris are working on practical projects under the guidance of professionals. This practical experience allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge and develop their skills in a professional setting.


As the placement progresses, the two students build up a professional portfolio. This experience not only complements their training, but also allows them to build valuable industry connections and gain a better understanding of their career paths.




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