KA1 Training Course for students at “3rd EPAL of Ioannina”, Greece

EGInA Srl – from 1st to 12th April 2022 hosted 16 students, and 4 teachers, at 1st Epal of Trikala (Greece) for a Training Course in Italy, together with cultural visits organised in Umbria.

All the main actitivies were focused on:

  • Introduction about EGInA and Mobility Programme, with a following walking tour of Foligno in AR (Augmented Reality);
  • Cultural visit at Assisi;
  • Training course on “Web Marketing”;
  • Workshop on digital storytelling techniques;
  • Web Marketing: analysis of case studies with the CEO of Oxijno and presentation of case studies;
  • Technical visits both to K-DIGITALE a high-tech start-up incubator and on-site training by TEAMDE software house;
  • Workshop supported by ATLAS on Virtual and Augmented Reality;
  • Visit at “C.R.E.A. EXPO” in the main center of Foligno;
  • Treasure Hunt, within the “C.R.E.A. EXPO” event;
  • Technical visit of the Technical and Professional school in Spoleto and exploring the city with the students on Tourism course;
  • Cultural visit of Florence;
  • Technical visit of VET the School for Tourism, Marketing & Administration of Foligno;



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