Erasmus+ KA1 transnational mobility programme in Italy from Hungary

In March 2023, Italy hosted a transformative educational experience as part of the Erasmus+ KA1 transnational mobility programme. The initiative, which aims to encourage international cooperation and student mobility, brought together 23 students, accompanied by two teachers, as well as two educators taking part in an observation period, all from Debreceni Szakképzési Centrum in Hungary.

For seven enriching days, from 19 to 25 March, Italy became more than just a geographical location; it became a classroom for mutual learning. The focus of this educational trip was the exploration of various educational establishments, of which the ITE Scarpellini high school in Foligno was one of the highlights.

The itinerary was meticulously designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of Italian education, culture and society. At ITE Scarpellini, renowned for its innovative teaching methods, participants were immersed in a dynamic learning environment. They were able to familiarise themselves with the Italian education system, exchange ideas with local students and develop intercultural skills.

Moreover, the Erasmus+ KA1 transnational mobility programme provided a platform for professional development. Educators from the Debreceni Szakképzési Centrum had the opportunity to observe their Italian colleagues and exchange best practices, pedagogical approaches and innovative teaching techniques. This collaborative exchange of knowledge not only enriched the professional development of the educators, but also laid the foundations for future partnerships and collaboration between institutions.

The spirit of collaboration and partnership has been at the heart of the programme’s success. The seamless coordination between the host institutions in Italy and the Debreceni Szakképzési Centrum in Hungary ensured that the mobility programme ran smoothly. From logistical arrangements to cultural immersion activities, every aspect was meticulously planned to create an environment favourable to learning, growth and cultural exchange.

By the end of this unforgettable educational journey, participants returned home not only with fond memories, but also with a new perspective on global citizenship and interconnectedness. The Erasmus+ KA1 transnational mobility programme transcended geographical boundaries, bringing together people from different backgrounds and cultures to share, learn and grow together.


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