Exploring AR&VR: A Cultural Journey

From the 15th April to the 19th, ten students and two teachers from the “Hristo Smirnenski” primary school in Bulgaria and eleven students and two educators from Gyermekek Háza Alternatív Általános Iskola és Gimnázium in Hungary embarked on an enriching “AR&VR” course led by Paolo Russio from CRHACK LAB F4D. For a week, they focused themselves in immersive technologies while exchanging cultural insights.


The journey began with an exploration of the potential of AR&VR, followed by hands-on sessions creating digital stories. As the group explored Foligno, they captured its essence through a tour, inspiring mini-stories celebrating the local heritage.


On the other hand, cultural excursions broaden their horizons as both groups were able to visit the charming towns of Assisi, Spello and Foligno. They wandered through narrow streets, admired churches and enjoyed the serene atmosphere of these places. 


On their first days in Italy, the Bulgarian group got to explore Rome and the Vatican City. They were amazed by the beautiful sites the cities had to offer such as the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain and St Peter’s Basilica and fell in love with the Italian cuisine. 


At the same time, the Hungarian group had the chance to walk around the beautiful capital city of Umbria. Perugia offers breathtaking views and the historic centre is the perfect place to enjoy a gelato.


This immersive journey encouraged intercultural exchange and for that matter, created lasting memories. On top of that, innovation is the centrepiece of today’s increasingly connected world and this course highlighted the role that Augmented and Virtual Reality can play to promote cultural heritage. 



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