Mobility: Portuguese students from Escola Profissional de Matosinhos (EPROMAT)

As part of an enriching exchange of cultures and professional experiences, four students from Matosinhos vocational school in Portugal completed an exciting work placement in Foligno, Italy from the 11th of January to the 1st of May. This opportunity allowed them to immerse themselves in their respective fields and were assigned to companies that aligned with their career interests. 

Two students were window dressing at Poker which gave them hands-on experience of visual merchandising, learning how to combine artistic concepts with marketing strategies to create captivating window displays that attract customers. 


A student with a passion for the culinary arts and hospitality management has been placed at Botanico, a restaurant in the centre of Foligno. This internship enabled him to understand the importance of quality of service and customer satisfaction.


The fourth student, who has a keen interest in technology and software development, joined LuckySeven, an IT company. This internship enabled him to familiarise herself with various aspects of information technology by working on real-life projects. 


Beyond the professional experience, the work placement in Foligno allowed the students to immerse themselves in Italian culture. This cultural exchange broadened their perspectives and contributed to their personal development, fostering their sense of independence and adaptability.

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