Hosting: a group of 7 teachers for a training course


EGInA hosted a group of 7 teachers – one at IES Clara Campoamor Rodríguez (Spain) and the 6 ones at Protypo Gel Zosimaias Sholis Ioanninon (Greece) – that participated in “AR & VR for the education at cultural heritage” training course in Italy. The course took place from 4 to 8 September 2023 in Foligno (Umbria region) at Ostello Pierantoni (Hostel).

training_course_italyThe enhancement of cultural heritage through the use of virtual and augmented reality is at the heart of the Media Literacy course that aims to provide participants with the necessary skills to develop artistic events and heritage experiences with a digital focus, aimed at those interested in developing edutainment experiments on art and culture, for young people and adults, in education or cultural tourism, using methods and technologies from the ‘Full Reality Continuum’.

training_course_italyThe course includes an introduction to key concepts, models and effective digital tools for enhancing the learning experience in culture and art, and a workshop focusing on a project with the staging of a heritage experience through augmented reality. Through this training, participants learnt how to co-design, and co-create museum (museum and theatre) representations of local heritage, traditions and art; develop theoretical and practical skills in the digital enhancement of cultural heritage; understand the key concepts of spatial processing and machine learning; design augmented reality experiences using proven models such as museater (Museum and Theatre combined together), digital monument and digital ghosts; acquire basic digital storytelling techniques; use virtual reality to produce digital content.

At the end of the course, all participants received their Certificates of Attendance.


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