Hosting: Mobility of learners and staff in VET at EGInA

As part of a dynamic exchange, six students from “META – Don Bosco Technikum és Szakgimnázium” in Hungary took part in the “European Initial Vocational Placements in Tourism, Sport, Finance, and Health 2023-2024″ project. From 22 September to 13 October 2023, these students were immersed in the complex field of financial management in the context of international projects.


They were tasked with supporting the finance team in the administration department of the European Grants International Academy (EGInA). Their responsibilities included  managing budgets and monitoring costs to prepare comprehensive financial reports for internal review and external audit.



Throughout their stay, the students not only applied the theoretical knowledge acquired during their professional training, but also developed practical skills that are essential to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Their contributions have been crucial in helping with project operations, ensuring fiscal responsibility and maintaining transparency in financial transactions.


This immersive experience was made possible through the joint efforts of META – Don Bosco Technikum és Szakgimnázium and EGInA, illustrating the power of partnership in promoting vocational education and professional development.


The success of projects such as “European Initial Vocational Placements” highlights the European Union’s commitment to promote mobility.

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