Sending: EU Mobility – ENNE Project Accreditation for KA1 Mobility

As part of the ENNE project, seventeen Italian students embarked on a month-long work placement in Ireland. This initiative, led by EGInA, has been accredited under the EU’s mobility programme, paving the way for enriching intercultural experiences and professional growth.


Coming from various educational establishments in Italy, these students represented establishments such as Omnicomprensivo Salvatorelli Moneta, IIS Tecnico Professionale “Spagna – Campani” Spoleto, IO “Beato Simone Fidati”, and many others. Their participation underlines the project’s commitment to encouraging international mobility and intercultural skills.

During their stay in Ireland, the students immersed themselves in practical training with local companies, acquiring first-hand experience in their chosen fields. The work placement not only enhanced their professional skills, but also developed their adaptability and resilience in a globalised working environment.


The support of the Derry-based North West Academy of English has been crucial to the success of this initiative. Their guidance played a significant role in facilitating integration into the local businesses, allowing for a mutually beneficial exchange between students and host companies.


Through initiatives such as the ENNE project, the European Union continues to promote mobility and cooperation.


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