Mobility in Foligno: Six Portuguese students get hands-on experience in marketing

In an effort to promote international collaboration and cultural exchange, six ambitious students from the “Escola de Comércio do Porto” school embarked on a journey to Foligno, Italy, sponsored by the “Be My Guest 3.0” project. For 15 days, the students were immersed in Italian culture.


With the collaboration of the marketing agency “Python”, the students were assigned a mission: to create an eye-catching mini-campaign to promote the “Rione Badia”, one of the ten districts that are part of the renowned Giostra della Quintana. The initiative aimed to attract Portuguese tourists, offering them an insight into the cultural eccentricities of Italy. 


The Rione Badia seems straight out of a storybook, with its picturesque landscape such as its narrow streets and old-school atmosphere. The students got to learn about the history of the place. Then, they prepared a mini-campaign by mixing videos, stories and photos that captured the warmth and tradition of the Italian lifestyle. Their work would make anyone want to book a trip to Foligno!

Beyond the project, this adventure was all about bonding. They returned home with fond memories and insights into what their future career could look like. Projects like ”Be My Guest 3.0” can help young people broaden their horizons and expand their professional views of work possibilities.

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