Hosting: Technical visits and professional trainings

In a spirit of solidarity and cooperation, eight participants from Kalyna – Komunitní Uprchlické Centrum, z.s, Czech Republic, embarked on a transformative training course in Foligno, Italy, focused on “sharing good practice in working with Ukrainian refugees.” From 15 to 20 October 2023, these dedicated individuals were involved in a series of immersive activities designed to improve their knowledge and understanding of effective strategies for supporting Ukrainian refugees.


The training course began with an introduction to the activities related to Ukraine and the management of the DHeLiDA project. This introduction provided valuable information on innovative approaches to refugee assistance and community integration.


One of the highlights of the programme was a visit to the municipality of Bevagna, where participants had the opportunity to learn about the “OMNES – Oltre i Confini” initiative and get a first-hand insight into the experience of local host families. This exchange of good practice demonstrated the importance of community involvement and solidarity in creating a welcoming environment for refugees.


At CIDIS Foligno, participants discovered “La Casa dei Popoli” and visited Palazzo Trinci and the Museo della Quintana, immersing themselves in the region’s rich cultural heritage. 


The programme also included visits to the LARES in Foligno and the Civil Protection Centre, where participants were able to familiarise themselves with emergency response and disaster management protocols. This knowledge is essential for responding effectively to the diverse needs of refugee populations, particularly in times of crisis.


A meeting with the municipality of Nocera Umbra gave participants a better understanding of local governance structures and community initiatives in support of refugees. In addition, visits to Caritas Foligno and Caritas Perugia offered valuable insights into the role of humanitarian organisations in providing essential services and promoting social inclusion.


Through these various activities, participants from Kalyna – Komunitní Uprchlické Centrum, z.s. have gained a better understanding of the complexities of refugee aid work and a renewed commitment to collaborative action. 

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